We’ve got some exciting news! We’ve just launched 123signed, our fully automated merchant onboarding and verification platform.

At Neopay we fully understand the ever increasing regulatory environment the payments industry has become. This has made the client onboarding process vastly more complex, more costly and time consuming than ever before.

Leveraging our industry experience in compliance and regulation, along with client feedback, we established a new division called 123signed – a fully automated client onboarding solution.

Our 123signed technology provides near real-time verification of personal or corporate data with integrated KYC, KYB, PEP, sanctions, credit score, web monitoring, reputational risk and biometric verification.

Reduced Onboarding Time

Why choose 123signed?

  • End-to-end application streamlines onboarding process
  • Reduced turnaround time and cost of acquisition
  • Reduce overhead cost of in-house compliance and risk
  • Reject unwanted clients with instant application screening

To find out more about how 123signed can support your business and reduce your overhead cost of in-house compliance and risk, click here.